Correspondent Message
Love and greetings to you all!
Before beginning every sacred action a particular ceremony is found in Hindu tradition. That is ‘breaking a coconut’. It symbolizes to destroy the pride attitude which can possibly hinder anybody’s growth and development. After finishing fourteen or fifteen years of study in our Institution one must go out with an attitude of humility destroying your entire negative and unpleasant attitude. Why I am telling this because one usually receives a lot of information and knowledge together with wisdom throughout one’s school year with us and which can possibly create ‘everything I know’ attitude as a result of self confidence. Of course, you have attained variety of information using the modern technology and I am sure that only those students with deep humility and love can achieve their objective in future. My dear students never forget to fill your hearts and minds with a deep spirit of charity embedded with humility while you are studying with us. Only such students can claim that they have achieved true wisdom.
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