Augustinian Community At Pollachi
Innovative and refreshing thoughts are always the outcome of group- thinking and dialogue which would make us feel the real sense of being an Augustinian community member even in the midst of strong modern individualistic trends. The following are the fathers serving in this Institution.
1. Fr.Jacob Mullassery,OSA ( Correspondent/Manager and Prior)
2. Fr.Shiju Kallarackal,OSA ( Administrator)
3. Fr.Santhosh Cleatus , OSA (Dean of Studies)
4. Fr.Antony Madathiparambil,OSA (Community Economo)
5. Fr.Thomas Joseph,OSA (Hostel and Vehicle in-charge)

The logo of the School

A heart pierced with an arrow of word of God is well depicted to mark the conversion of Saint Augustine to Christianity which is the general symbol of the Augustinians all over the world. We make use of the same logo adding the caption "True Wisdom pierces the Heart".

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