About St.Augustine
St. Augustine was a dominant figure in the doctrinal development of Western Christianity and is often referred to as one of the greatest “Doctors of the Church” by the Roman Catholic Church. Augustine was born in 354 A.D of middle class parents in the North African Town of Tagaste. A brilliant and passionate scholar who taught rhetoric in Carthage and later in Rome and in Milan until his early 30s and developed an obsessive carnal pleasure until a dramatic conversion to Christianity at the age of 32 . After returning from Africa he was ordained as Priest and later as the Bishop of Hippo( Now it is called Annaba in Algiers, North Africa) by the incessant demand of the catholic faithful of North Africa.

The scope of Augustine's intellectual and apostolic achievement is astonishing. He wrote 113 books, among them two classics of world literature: Confessions and City of God. Over 800 of his sermons have been preserved. Everything was written in classic Latin.

After his conversion Augustine had established a monastic community for himself and his friends in Tagaste where he had devoted a joyful three years to study, dialogue and prayer. It is at this time he wrote his famous Rule for the monks who lived with. Out of this tradition stems the emphasis on fraternal life in community that persists to this day. Even after he was elected as the Bishop of Hippo, he didn’t abandon the monastic life and so he set up a monastery for priests in his Bishop’s residence and lived the Rule he wrote as a guide for living in a religious community.

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