Academic Programme
The School provides education to different age groups beginning from three year old kids to 17-18 year old young ones. The school follows the State Syllabus (Samacheer Kalvi).The Continuous Evaluation Process which was introduced by the State Government is also followed. The distribution of educational period is as follows. We begin with a short period of Pre-Kindergarten and two years of Kindergarten. At the age of 5 one is allowed to start his/her Primary education. After five years of Primary Education one enters in to the High School section and continues another five years here. At the end of High School studies the students have to undergo a Public Examination which is conducted by the Government Educational Board of Tamil Nadu.

Then the students do two years of Plus One and Plus Two course through which they become eligible to carry out any discipline in the University affiliated college education. Plus One admission is controlled by the High School Final examination marks or grade. The students have the freedom to chose the course which would serve as a basic education of which they are about to build up their future. Here we offer Science groups with Computer Education and Humanities group with Computer Education. At the end of Plus Two Course there will be a Government Public Examination.

In Tamil Nadu, no entrance examination is conducted before joining to Medical and Engineering studies. Hence, the scoring of high marks in Plus Two examinations opens an easy way to join and study the students’ favorite Professional as well as other disciplines. It is a positive sign that majority of our students join for Medicine, Engineering, Chartered Accounts, and other University courses.

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