Our Presentation
We are a community of Catholic Religious who are dedicated to form future leaders of the society. Augustinians are members of the Order of Saint Augustine, an international community of men and women having their General in Rome, Italy. About 50 countries the Augustinian presence is evident throughout centuries. The Order of Saint Augustine as such was established in 1254 AD and it was the unified form of the then existing different Augustinians with different names following the same spirituality of Saint Augustine.

Saint Augustine was an incessant searcher of Truth. He discovers the Truth in himself. While experiencing the beauty of the Truth, he exclaimed with great excitement, “Oh! Beauty so new!. Oh! Beauty so ancient! How late have I known to You”

While engaging to mould up the new generation, we are committed to give an integral human formation which comprises academics, athletics, spiritual and emotional to all our students. We train students in a climate of freedom and respect for their personality, promoting leadership, teamwork and training in Human values.

In all over the world Augustinians have got variety of educational Institutions including Universities. Shenbagam School started in 1995 under the management of Shenbagam Groups of Institutions and the School had been taken up by the Augustinian Fathers in 2006. Of course, the name of the School has not been changed yet. In future it will be known as Saint Augustine’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School. The vision and mission of the Augustinian School is being carried out by some Augustinian Fathers appointed by the Delegation of Our Lady of Grace, India which is the territorial authority of the Order of Saint Augustine. Promotion of human and cultural values is stressed in our institution. Freedom with responsibility is the greatest Augustinian method we follow to inculcate the cultural and human values as a process to grow in maturity.

In short, we are a community in search of Truth complementing tradition and modernity, the teaching of values and high academic performance that indents to meet international standards, local identity with an international focus, family integration and school life.
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