Welcome to Shenbagam Matriculation School
Shenbagam Matriculation School, an institution which persuades in creating legends. A place where students’ dreams are brought to reality. Our main focus is on education. The school has been witnessing such beautiful dreams ever since its creation. The school proudly holds its head high and declares to be one among the best in its order. Shenbagam Matriculation School strongly believes that education is not confined to class room learning alone. It concentrates more in the holistic approach to mould an individual and make him a well defined human being. We also render to inculcate values and ethics for the overall development of the individual.
Shenbagam Matriculation School, to be affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education is a co-education school. The school is built on a sprawling excellent campus in Zamin Uthukuli exactly 2 kms from Pollachi with expansive playground, state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern facilities. Hostel for both boys and girls and transport facilities etc.,


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Love and greetings to you all!
Before beginning every sacred action a particular ceremony is found in Hindu tradition. That is ‘breaking a coconut’. It symbolizes to destroy the pride.....
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Shenbagam Matriculation School
        106-D, Meenkarai Road,
            Zamin Uthukuli,
           Pollachi- 642004
Call Us : 04259 - 225876 / 238274
Email : cbep_shenmhss@yahoo.co.in